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an imageFabulous Finger Food
Finger food and cocktail parties are our specialty. We serve you a wide range of chicken, meat, seafood finger foods, vegetarian and pastries and a lot more that are just right for your budget. Enjoy our delish food such as Assorted Dips & Crackers, Cheese Sticks - Olives - Cheese – Tomato, Prawn Cutlets, and Chicken Tempura Pieces, Cheese, Cabanossi, Jatz& Nuts Platters, Sushi Platters. We are welcome to any parties to celebrate.

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an imageCocktail Parties are a winner
If you only have 1 week to prepare for your cocktail party we can serve you with our 3 sets of menus to choose from. You’ll be able to pick and be able to determine of how much it cost per serving whether it’s just right for your budget. You can choose from our Deluxe or our Premium packs in our hot food and chef’s special menu. We also have new gourmet finger food range to add some extra for the special event. And lastly our catering platter that is worth paying for. >

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an imageGet in early for your party
We have our flexible rate to cater you from all sizes of events and we’ll have our buffet services to serve you best. Cocktail food and finger food isn’t that problem. Our chef’s will cooked you a fresh and uniquely garnish food to consume. You will also be serve by our friendly waiters and waitresses and so with our bar staff. Contact us and talk with our staff for your needs will be meet and things will be arrange as you wish for.

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an imageSpecialist office catering
We offer freshly cooked food catering for any events of your life from your cocktail parties, corporate meetings, conferences, family celebrations like birthdays and any special event of your life anywhere in Australia. Create your own unique menu of your choice. We serve European and Asian cuisines. We can deliver delicious food in your place for your convenient just contact us and we will do our work.

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an imageSpecial Wedding Menus
Whether you wanted an elegant buffet, cocktail party or a sit down meal we will serve a special menu for this memorable day just to suit your needs and wants. Here in Cocktail Party Catering Sydney you won’t regret our services and its worth paying for. Experience our services and this will give an additional experience that will last forever.

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